Katja Stille

I am an urban designer with over 15 years of experience and have been a longstanding member of the Urban Design Group and I am currently Treasurer.

I have an architectural and engineering background, including studies in Civil Engineering in Germany; and an architectural diploma and MA in Urban Design from the UK. 

My recent work focusses on large scale projects, spatial strategies and design policy. I work with public sector bodies and private landowners and their teams to develop masterplans and development frameworks to help bring forward development. 

 I am motivated by delivering better places for people and work collaboratively across professional boundaries in order to achieve this. Currently, I am involved in delivering Northstowe, a new town in Cambridgeshire promoted by Homes England. 


I seek to find solutions to unlocking issues that prevent us from delivering good design and placemaking.

view of Neighbourhood Centre in Northstowe
Katja Stille Urban Design Group Recognised Practitioner
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BA(Hons) DipArch MA(Arch) MA(UD) AssocRTPI

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