Christopher Martin

Christopher is an influential urban designer and planner working all over the globe to help communities improve their public spaces; as well as supporting Cities and Governments to develop strategy, change policies, and make great places possible.

He is Co-Founder and Director of Urban Strategy at Urban Movement, and is a fully qualified Urban Designer and Planner, with over 14 years’ experience leading complex urban projects - applying his expertise to public realm, streets and transport.

He consistently adds value through ensuring the seamless integration of urban and landscape design, with engineering and transport; coupled with his ability to convincingly communicate the benefits of people-focused urban design, to ensure policies, visions, and strategy become a reality.

Through his project work and advocacy, he convincingly calls for us to first and foremost shape cities that are enjoyable for people. Cities should be a canvas where healthy and prosperous lives can unfold - and enable people to have some fun along the way! To on deliver this, he applies his understanding of human psychology and behaviour to city design; coupled with his extensive knowledge of international best practice; to create vibrant, inclusive, and resilient urban places.

​In addition to project work, he is a member of the ‘Urban Design Group’ Executive Committee and Editorial Board; A member of the United Nation’s ‘Planners + Climate Action Group’; a Trustee of Living Streets, the charity that champions walking in cities; a member of the Placemaking Leadership Council at Project for Public Spaces; a member of London design review panels; and he has been a lecturer and tutor at The Bartlett School of Planning and Architecture for a number of years.

Glasgow Avenues - Urban Revitalisation + Streetscape Design
Old Street Regeneration - Public Realm + Landscape Design
Hayes + Harlington Crossrail - Public Realm + Streetscape Design
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Co-Founder + Director, Urban Strategy

BSc (Hons), Dip TP, MSc (UD), UDG, AoU

Urban Movement
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