Southampton’s City Renaissance

Key Proposals

DLA led a high profile team of consultants to develop a master plan which would focus the market in developing a world class City. A series of design workshops with officers, stakeholders and the design community helped to establish a vision for the City. The proposals looked at a wide range of issues from intensifying the low density retail areas adjoining the docks and reconnecting them with the City to enhancing the arrival at the rail station. A key component was developing a public realm strategy with Gehl Architects.


A major focus of the master plan was to look at how to reconnect the City with its waterfront, principally around Royal Pier and Mayflower Park. An important feature of the final plan was the identification of VIPs – Very Important Projects, those projects which would have impact and be critical in transforming the City Centre as it is today.

“Southampton is such a dynamic City to work in, it has great physical assets including two distinctive waterfronts. The process of working with the City Council and its stakeholders helped create a plan which harnessed the City’s full potential. The master plan is already having a positive effect on the City.” Steve Haines, Senior Associate.

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