Serp and Molot

Many cities, like Moscow, have contaminated and degraded urban land and the masterplan’s concept aims for a simple but adventurous outcome – how to turn grim industrial wastelands into beautiful new city places.   

Serp and Molot (Hammer and Sickle) is once of central Moscow’s best known sites - it contains a former iron and steel fabrication plant. The 58Ha (143 acre) site is now largely derelict and abandoned, and it was announced at the end of 2013 that it would be the subject of an international design competition run jointly run by Moscow City Government and by Donstroy Invest, the developers and owners of the site.

The masterplan, due for completion by 2021, will create over 1.8 million square metres of prime mixed-use space with an estimated investment of 180 billion Roubles (over €3.76 billion). The design competition attracted 52 applications made up of 157 companies from 17 countries. 

Our masterplan gives a new urban vision for Moscow where the city is looking to redirect attention and investment to a number of large former industrial sites located within the city boundary, switching from a concentric pattern of growth to a polycentric model that makes greater use of brownfield land and places greater emphasis on the existing public transport network.

Ricardo Mateu, Director of UHA LONDON, said:

“Serp and Molot continues UHA LONDON’s track record of successful collaborations with LDA Design – marrying a strong masterplan and landscape design narrative with innovative and futuristic architecture – Serp and Molot will be a game changer for the Moscow real estate market and become a lifestyle choice for Muscovites.”

Mixed Use Brownfield Regeneration