Rugby Town Centre Public Realm Strategy


The key aim of the project is to promote the revitalisation of the town centre. The public realm strategy identified opportunities for streetscape improvements, improved connections within the town centre and improvements to access from surrounding areas.  The proposed enhancements were informed by an overall desire from the within the town to promote Rugby as a leisure and entertainment destination, as well as a shopping and business centre, through a combination of forward looking investments and making the most of the towns historic legacy.


Our key tasks in developing the public realm strategy included

  • Identifying the assets that should be maintained and enhanced
  • Identifying those areas that are currently underperforming and the reasons for this
  • Identifying opportunities for public realm improvements within the town centre
  • Identifying opportunities for public realm improvements between the town centre and outlying destinations

Further to our preliminary analysis, we assessed the areas of town where the smallest changes would make the biggest impact, recognizing the most successful parts of town and identifying cost effective ways to extend this quality to other parts of the Town Centre. Our proposed design responds to the historic character of Rugby while reflecting an image of a vibrant, modern town in which contemporary uses thrive. The Public Realm Strategy proposes a potential approach to the phasing of the public realm enhancements and priority projects, identifying the interventions that would provide the most benefit in the short term, and those that should be longer term aspirations.

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