Revitalisation of Silicon Valley CBD – “The Urban Oasis”, Beijing, China

China’s “Silicon Valley” is located in the north west of Beijing, surrounded by some 80 universities and colleges and a highly skilled workforce of one million people.  20 years on, however, the CBD of this premier national high-tech zone has gradually deteriorated and is in urgent need of regeneration.  WYP was one of three top international firms selected to provide a conceptual master plan to secure its long term success. 

The WYP vision was to create an “Urban Oasis” to transform the densely concentrated “concrete jungle” into a vibrant and sustainable future community. There are three main objectives: first, to re-position the CBD maximising its local performance attributes in terms of world economic conditions and business trends; second, to establish its unique identity by offering modern, internationally competitive business space with a strong vernacular culture; and third, to create a new model for the future of a high density metropolis -  a 21st century vertical Garden City. The scheme prioritises the essence of natural living and leads the way in thinking about the city of the future.

Our master plan has been highly praised for its forward-thinking development strategies, inspirational design concepts and commercially viable solutions. In an area about the same size of Canary Wharf in London, a variety of functions combine to create the urban oasis: office, hotel, retail, leisure, restaurants, art, music, convention centre, exhibition space, education, sports facilities, etc.  All are supported by an integrated transit system and sustainable technologies such as China’s first eco-friendly multi-story car park and the biggest roof-top urban farm. 

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