Queen's Parade and Marine Gardens, Bangor

Turley led the team to prepare a full planning application for Queen’s Parade in Bangor with the aim of securing a financially viable and economically sustainable scheme capable of meeting the challenges of long term market change and providing a catalyst for regeneration in the heart of the town, all in line with the DSD’s masterplan for the town.

Turley have engaged with stakeholders and the public throughout the process and started with a blank canvas and interests to listen.  The preferred option for the site has evolved from a combination of different parts of the five options presented and preferences expressed.  The final proposal is for a new place which can provide a hub for culture, leisure, arts and the theatre in Bangor town centre.  Shops, restaurants, offices and hotels complement the hub and bring animation to the spaces.  Apartments and houses make this an enduring place and put people back at the heart of Bangor.  

The proposal, with care in delivery, it is viable, based on a set of collaborative principles and a credible engagement process.  It is accessible to all and a vibrant and diverse place.   It is hospitable and crafted to respond to the local context.  It is based on a sound and well developed vision and has the potential to create an enduring legacy.

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