Punta Nueva Outline Masterplan, Lima

Urban Initiatives Studio was commissioned by Punta Nueva SA, a major landowner, to develop a concept masterplan for a 600 hectare site to the south of Lima, the capital of Peru. The vision for this area is to become a major new expansion to the capital and an exciting place to live and work. The dessert landscape will be transformed into a well designed urban district with streets and boulevards focused around a new central park.

The district will be home for up to 200,000 people and well served by public facilities and services, including schools, health facilities, local centres and green spaces. The heart of the district will be a new sub-centre of Lima and the focus for a 60km2 hinterland in the southern expansion zone. The centre will comprise of  a shopping centre, a commercial quarter and education, culture and leisure facilities.

Punta Nueva will be a sustainable district, providing compact and walkable neighbourhoods, integrated public transport solutions and an extended Metro Line linking it with Lima city centre.

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