Penrhos Leisure Village, Anglesey

The Penrhos development is a unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy on the island that provides a short-term function, with a long-term sustainable ambition. The shared vision is to create a new leisure facility and holiday accommodation together with residential areas within the three sites that comprise the Penrhos Estate –the Penrhos Country Park, Cae Glas and Kingsland.

Natural context is key – the green infrastructure across the estate a main component of the Holy Island character. Given the difficult climactic conditions, detailed assessment of tree loss and low impact methods for construction of lodges and infrastructure have guided the form and layout of the proposals –linked to the Landscape and Visual Assessment process, helping to define the extent of new woodland proposed and identified areas of extreme sensitivity to be avoided.

The historic parkland estate is lost under sprawling, self-seeded vegetation, whilst elements of walled gardens, follies and outbuildings lie derelict. Reference to historic plans unearthed a strong network of enclosed spaces, vistas and avenues. Our approach has been to rediscover this underlying estate, using new built form and landscape elements to reinforce the old pathway alignments, reuse the remaining follies and outbuildings for leisure uses and to help define the character of the new facilities.

A primary aim of all the development is to provide an overall increase in publicly accessible open space, securing access to the coastline, access into previously private land, to preserve and enhance the ecological value of the land and ensure long term management and maintenance of these important sites.

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