North West Cowbridge

The land north west of Cowbridge site provides an opportunity to develop a high quality, sustainable, new neighbourhood on the edge of Cowbridge, one of South Wales’ most historic and attractive market towns. The site is located at the western edge of Cowbridge, approximately 800m from the edge of the town centre.

The development will provide for up to 390 dwellings, a range of new homes set within an attractive landscape. It will include space for a primary school, play areas and with good links to the town centre, it will be a seamless addition to Cowbridge. The development will also provide a western link road to reduce traffic within the town centre.

The extent of the development has been determined by analysing the relationship to surrounding area, including the setting of listed buildings and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. A significant focus of the design work has been the creation of an appropriate response to the edge of the town and its western approaches, views across the site and drawing on the best features of the context combined with best practice in urban design.  

Quality of design is crucial. The design will draw on the character of the local area to reinforce local distinctiveness, help define a sense of place and assist in creating an attractive development in keeping with Cowbridge. The scheme will establish a strong sense of place, using existing landscape features, the topography, streetscapes and buildings to create attractive and comfortable places to live.

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