A New Sustainable Settlement

West Waddy ADP is currently involved in the concept stages of the design for a new landscape led settlement in the UK. This is an exciting and once in a generation opportunity to create an exemplar new community; a place that respects and reflects the history and traditions of the area, whilst delivering modern and innovative design solutions.

This will be a truly forward thinking community, embracing the latest technology and helping to grow and support the economy in the local area. It will be a benchmark in architecture, and will inform the future of sustainability whilst creating the opportunity to create a mixed and diverse place at every stage of delivery and phasing as well as a legacy for the local community.

South East
3D Visualisations
Branding & Identity Design
Environmental Planning
Public Consultation
Town Planning
Urban Design
Residential Schemes
Retail and Town Centres
Commercial Office & Employment Space
Public Realm Design & Transport Planning
Greenfield Development
Green Infrastructure & Open Spaces
Tourism & Leisure