Milford Dock Master Plan

The Port of Milford Haven is among the UK’s largest ports and it plays a vital role in the economy of Pembrokeshire, Wales and the UK. It is responsible for delivery of around 20% of the UK’s oil and gas products. It is also Wales’ largest fishing port. Turley provides strategic planning and design advice and a local engagement programme for Milford Dock.

In designing a masterplan for the regeneration of the Dock its geographical location, as part of Pembrokeshire, the National Park and the Haven Waterway, was of primary importance. We studied the history and tradition of the dock, the industrial heritage and the relationship between dock operations and the growth in leisure, commercial and tourism uses.

The physical nature of the site and the existing buildings had to be considered, alongside existing uses that had to be retained, such as fishing, residential and the marina. The site must continue to operate at all times whilst accommodating a phased process of regeneration and renewal. 

Residential Schemes
Commercial Office & Employment Space
Public Realm Design & Transport Planning
Mixed Use Brownfield Regeneration
Coastal Areas
Tourism & Leisure