London Bridge Visioning

London Bridge Business Improvement District manages aspects of this prime location around the railway station. A number of high profile attractions and developments are transforming this part of London. However the different projects often fail to provide a coherent image of the area and to cater for pedestrians and cyclists.

The BID (Team London Bridge) commissioned AR Urbanism to work on a public realm strategy responding to the aspirations of local stakeholders. We distilled workshop feedback into practical streetscape and landscape interventions, using the information collected from a number of engagement initiatives.

The main criteria shaping the rational of the public realm improvements were:

  • Celebrating the railway arches, the key character element embedded in the area’s DNA;
  • Maximising useable public realm to support the spill out from activities taking place in the regenerated arches;
  • Rebalancing the amount and quality of street space in favour of pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Introducing a flexible layout to allow for a potential downgrade to the traffic function on the streets around London Bridge Station;
  • Recognising the importance of quality public realm as a branding tool;
  • Improving the pedestrian connections between activities and attractions in the area;
  • Integrating the function and presence of More London and the “corporate buildings” in the area;
  • Maximise the opportunities for introducing planting, trees and seating;
  • Supporting the extension of activities into the evening by providing better lighting and attractive locations. 
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