Halsnead Garden Village

Turley has prepared a masterplan Supplementary Planning Document to guide the development of Halsnead in Knowsley, one of 14 Garden Villages across the UK.

Turley assembled a Development Framework and delivery strategy underpinned by viability appraisal and strong commitment to stakeholder engagement. Our work sets out a layered spatial framework to guide development, showing co-ordination across land use, density and quantum, green infrastructure, movement, urban design and character areas.

Our Design, Planning, Economics and Engagement teams worked collaboratively to deliver a framework that sets clear and creative placemaking principles and design parameters, grounded on a robust deliverabilty appraisal and integrated with clear planning requirements.

Early in the process the key stakeholders were identified as part of our engagement strategy. A number of client and landowner workshops were held to identify issues and to foster a sense of shared knowledge, ownership of the process and ultimately ownership and belief in the proposals.

The masterplan is underpinned by an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). The IDP allowed integration and testing of proposed masterplanning concepts, and has ultimately helped demonstrate how component parts of the development proposals will literally ‘fit together’.

A delivery strategy accompanying the masterplan tested the viability of the proposals, and was developed through robust market engagement. This gave confidence that the requirements and guidance ultimately expressed as an adopted SPD were deliverable, and that the development framework is a sound planning tool to guide and convince future developers.

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