Greendykes South

The approved Greendykes South Masterplan complements and completes AREA’s 2006 masterplan for Greendykes North.

The southern part of PARC’s regeneration of Craigmillar Edinburgh, the masterplan incorporates 170 - 200 new homes with potential for local retail and commercial spaces to meet local community needs on a 3.75ha brownfield site.

The masterplan aims to create a pleasant and high quality living environment with well-designed shared space streets that prioritise pedestrian and cycle movements. The residential blocks are designed around designated open spaces and desire lines; creating an accessible neighbourhood. A coherent structure of habitable streets and spaces, with a renewed sense of local identity, will complete the vision and carry through the aspirations for Greendykes as a whole.

A carefully designed range of houses, duplexes and apartments will support the creation of a lively and active setting for community life. A place where quality of life, health and wellbeing are at the forefront. Along Greendykes Road a reinterpretation of the traditional Edinburgh colony is used to mediate between the existing and proposed ground levels. A raised ground floor flat and rear garden is combined with a two storey family duplex and roof terrace accessed from Greendykes Road. These provide a well defined frontage and enclosure to Greendykes Road with an attractive layering of thresholds, staircases, gardens and active frontages, stimulating opportunities for street activity. Elsewhere in the masterplan are a mixture of two and three storey townhouses with a small number of apartments over retail in the north-east corner of the site.

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