Gainsborough Town Framework

studio REAL worked alongside West Lindsey council officers to prepare a spatial plan and website for Gainsborough to attract and direct investment into the town. Unique to the project, the spatial plan was produced in a website format, with a strong focus on promoting the town, its assets and opportunities to prospective businesses, developers and investors.

At the out start of the project, we asked ourselves – “what informs the decision to develop and invest in one town above another?” The website we created was structured around the key elements considered at an initial investment inquiry:

  • A strong vision for the town;
  • A robust spatial framework that demonstrates how the vision may be realised in the context of the town’s built form;
  • A clear presentation of the main development opportunities, together with key details relating to site ownership, planning policies, preferred land use and desired design outcomes;
  • A summary account of relevant attributes of the town. This covered established spatial planning elements, such as accessibility, land use and urban form, but also local schools, community infrastructure, shopping, cultural and recreational facilities and an inventory of the high profile companies already established in the town;
  • A clear message that the council is “open for business” and has everything in place to make development happen. 

The website presents this information predominantly in graphic format, and makes full use of the interactive capabilities that this medium has to offer.  Content may be easily updated ensuring the plan has much longer shelf life than a traditional print document. 

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