El Cruce

Mixed Use Urban Development Project

This is a pilot project for revitalising and improving the quality of one of the most degraded areas of the city through the consolidation of an urban hub characterised by population density, multiple uses and sustainable management of existing waterways.

Based on sustainable urban development guidelines, public areas were thought out as civic/social meeting points positively integrating the existing surrounding nature, and thereby taking the development of the system to the next level.

The development of the project will result in new mixed use area amounting to 18.8 hectares, incorporating the stretches alongside the existing ring road and turning the area into a high-value urban hub.

The focal point of the system is the basin-holding area where most uses and activities (commercial/facilities/services/medium-high house density, sports) take place, being, at the same time, the area with the highest population density (up to 400 inhabitants/hectare) and the most important one from an environmental standpoint.

To its sides, the population density drops, as do the uses, until the area merges with the existing surroundings (social, urban, etc.).

Sports facilities act as a complement to urban facilities located in the neighbouring district, having the potential to become a means of social and spatial integration.

It is worth noting that the entire development site premises take up only 15% of the land, and that green areas (public and private) amount to around 8.5 hectares, i.e. 45% of the overall surface area.

With this in mind, the development of a comprehensive urban hub is proposed to foster a positive transformation of the surroundings into a high-quality urban/environmental area.

Residential Schemes
Retail and Town Centres
Commercial Office & Employment Space