Dromore Town Centre Masterplan and Urban Design Compendium, Dromore, Co.Down

GM Design Associates was commissioned by the Department for Social Development to devise a Master-plan and Urban Design Compendium that would address present and emerging issues and guide the future development of Dromore’s town centre for the coming years. We completed a town centre health-check to identify the current state of the issues, which included a full Townscape Analysis (land use, urban grain, vacancy, building condition, access and connections etc.); user surveys (householder, shopper and retailer); and analysis of previous studies and initiatives. This lead to a number of stakeholder workshops and public consultation events attended by local authority elected representatives, the key statutory authorities (i.e. Planning), private and public investors, the general public and the Minister for DSD at the time Mr Mervyn Storey. We devised five key themes for the future development of the town centre. This provided an imaginative yet realistic vision for a transformed place which once again functions as a vibrant heart for the community, is forward thinking and will also protect and enhance Dromore’s unique heritage features, such as the Motte and Bailey, Viaduct, the medieval street pattern, Market Square and the Harry Ferguson legacy.  To supplement the main masterplan we were also commissioned to complete an Urban Design Compendium to provide design guidance to prospective developers and to assist the statutory authorities ensuring high quality urban design principles which are sensitive to Dromore’s unique heritage are implemented.   

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