Cowbridge Road, Cardiff - Regeneration Study

Working alongside Cardiff Council, we worked to establish a vision and comprehensive regeneration strategy for Cowbridge Road in central Cardiff. The purpose of this strategy was to reverse the general decline of the area and to provide a high-quality, safe and accessible environment for the whole community to enjoy, while ensuring the future vitality and viability of this important district centre.

The project involved the investigation of options for the rationalisation and enhancement of the area, the preparation a vision and the development of a masterplan. The project involved extensive stakeholder consultation, including two public exhibitions, working collaboratively with key planning and regeneration officers at the Council.

The final regeneration strategy provided an outline and overview of actions necessary to implement the masterplan, including budget cost estimates, potential funding sources and a phasing programme; and that was in accordance with the Councils planning framework ensuring future deliverability.

The project concluded with the successful securing of a planning consent to implement Phase 1 of the masterplan proposals; resulting in the implementation of early wins and followed since with a number of further successful project implementations as outlined in the Strategy.

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