City of Bath Morphological Study

Built Form Resource was commissioned by Bath and North East Somerset Council to undertake a morphological study of central Bath from the historic core out to Locksbrook in the west along the river.  The role of the study is to contribute to the evidence base for the Placemaking Plan, the authority's development plan, and to inform the Enterprise Area Master Plan. More broadly, the study is a tool to aid in planning and design decisions that balance the needs of the city as a World Heritage Site and a vibrant economic centre.

The Placemaking Plan and Master Plan acknowledge that the city needs to change and grow to remain economically successful but also that its success and attractiveness is rooted in its unique, historical identity.  The way in which the morphological study helps to mediate between these two realities is by building up a composite view of the city:

  • Underlying topography and vegetation
  • Route structure, hierarchy and centrality
  • Patterns of physical fabric or urban tissue
  • Land use and neighbourhood structure
  • Landmarks, nodes and green spaces

The study goes beyond a thematic analysis by focusing on the characteristic patterns of relationship and association between these different aspects.  So, in addition to providing a detailed, measured specification of the urban tissues, the study identifies characteristic associations of elements as design principles for each area.  These can then be used as a reference point and design resource for the areas identified for regeneration.

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