Bishopric, Horsham

This project is an opportunity to redefine the Bishopric’s significance and role within Horsham town centre.

The opening of John Lewis at Home in 2015 and the refurbishment of commercial premises adjoining the space reinvigorate this historic marketplace as a primary pedestrian route.  Section 106 contributions from these developments will be used for refurbishment of the public realm.

The Bishopric, formerly a site of mediaeval fairs and markets, has been used as a pedestrian precinct since the early 1990s following diversion of traffic routes in the early 1990s.

LUC’s vision is to change the layout of the pedestrian area to make it an attractive and vibrant place for visitors. Creating new, contemporary spaces and redesigning existing areas will improve vitality and economic performance and enhance the overall pedestrian experience. The proposals draw on the historic associations with the Lynd Cross, a meeting place, and the cattle market, which occupied a broad, cobbled median.

The proposals also consider how water features, artworks and structures could be fully integrated within the reordered public realm, rather than being considered in isolation.

LUC’s vision was approved by a project board of local stakeholders and Council members and proposals were exhibited in the town centre and council website in October 2014. Members of the public were invited to feedback on the proposals and options put forward by LUC to be taken forward to delivery.

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