Bicester Sustainable Transport Strategy

Over the next 20 years around 10,000 homes and 10,000 jobs are expected to be added to Bicester increasing the current population of 30,000 by more than 50%. Through the Eco Bicester – One Shared Vision, initiative, stakeholders for the town have set out the manner in which they want this growth to take place. In relation to movement, the Vision prioritises investment in walking and cycling infrastructure together with the promotion and marketing of these sustainable modes. Alan Baxter’s commission is to produce a holistic transport strategy that gives substance to the Vision and supports delivery of the Local Plan. In developing the strategy Alan Baxter has drawn inspiration from a number of towns and cities in mainland Europe where between 50 and 65% of journeys are made by sustainable modes. These have all been bold in the physical measures taken to give cycling and public transport an advantage over the private car. Alan Baxter’s strategy is to implement closures on some key street connections, preventing movement through the town centre by car. Alternative routes exist around the edge and while journeys will be longer by car, all parts of the town will be accessible by this mode. Buses, cyclists and those on foot will have unrestricted access including through the closure points and this together with a significant level of investment in infrastructure for these modes will, they expect, over time result in a shift away from car use.

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