Urban Initiatives Studio

The Place Comes First

At Urban Initiatives Studio we see the ‘place’ as our true client. We always look at the bigger picture. We think strategically and long term, and we aim to add quality to people’s lives. We strive to create successful places that will stand the test of time.

Complex Urban Environments

Our goal and passion is to create the right conditions for urban life to flourish. We love the complexity of urban environments where our urban design and masterplanning skills can come to the fore and where there is potential for many actors to play a role in shaping change.

Collaborative Working

We like to work collaboratively with our clients, and with stakeholders and local people to develop a common vision, to establish critical design moves and to set out a realistic path to delivery.

A Friendly Team

We are a bespoke urban design and planning studio based in London. We are delivery-focused and highly effective in bringing together innovative ideas with achievable solutions in complex and challenging urban environments at all scales. We work with local authorities, developers, land owners and community groups throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas, and are recognised as having an outstanding depth of experience in our field.

Comprehensive Expertise

  • Visioning and placemaking;
  • Masterplanning of brown and greenfield sites;
  • Town centre regeneration;
  • Development frameworks for housing zones and areas of change;
  • Strategic spatial planning;
  • Building height and characterisation studies;
  • Feasibility and capacity studies;
  • Landscape and public realm design;
  • Outline planning applications;
  • Public and stakeholder engagement;
  • Design guides and review; and
  • Teaching, training and research.


Primary Office
Exmouth House
3-11 Pine Street
020 3567 0715
Key Contact
Hugo Nowell
Regional Offices: 
3D Visualisations
Branding & Identity Design
Education & Training
Public Consultation
Town Planning
Urban Design
Residential Schemes
Retail and Town Centres
Commercial Office & Employment Space
Mixed Use Brownfield Regeneration
Greenfield Development