Tweed Nuttall Warburton

We are architects first and foremost. The majority of our work is in housing, elderly care, and education. All these buildings require us to think very carefully about how people respond to the places in which they live, work, play and restore. We enjoy exploring the recorded history and living memories of places (often very different, usually complementary). All our schemes start with, and continue by, trying to understand context. Finding and nurturing or even inventing the genius loci is essential to creating successful places.

The social pressure for new development is as great now as it has ever been. The process of creating humane neighbourhoods is also better understood but nevertheless has to struggle to be included in the development sequence, frequently under the twin pressures of economic and political expediency. We believe in engaging communities of interest and communities of place in any development. The iteration is an enriching process for all concerned. The designers get to learn and respect with humility and creativity what people need and wish for, and the users (to employ a dry, functional, all-encompassing term) and stakeholders get to understand with fresh insight what it takes to make and change places.

We thrive working in multidisciplinary teams with specialists who all bring something exciting to the party. We enjoy the synergy and strive to make our contribution pay dividends in every situation.

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