Metropolis Planning & Design

Urban Design is a multi–disciplinary activity and so we work as a multi-disciplinary studio. We have four pools of expertise: masterplanning or urban design, town planning, architecture and renewable energy or sustainability.

We have combined our urban design and energy teams to deal with the rising profile of sustainable development and carbon saving in masterplanning and urban design. We are very pleased to see tangible results with families now moving into private homes that are fed by district heating schemes that we have advocated and planned over the last few years.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate our scheme with local communities and to build consensus. We find that this produces a better scheme and a faster, more confident and less contentious planning process.


  • Urban Design analysis for the development of master plans, architectural concepts, schemes and capacity studies.
  • Energy strategies for master plans and area frameworks
  • Detailed energy advice on a range of building types
  • Public consultation in support of design proposals.
  • Large scale residential and mixed-use masterplanning projects
  • Assessments and justifications for major central London developments including tall building proposals
  • Design briefs, best practice guidance and design coding
Primary Office
4 Underwood Row
N1 7LQ
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Key Contact
Greg Cooper
Regional Offices: 
Public Consultation
Sustainability Assessments
Town Planning
Urban Design
Residential Schemes
Retail and Town Centres
Commercial Office & Employment Space
Mixed Use Brownfield Regeneration
Greenfield Development