Burns + Nice

Burns + Nice is an urban design, masterplanning, landscape architecture, transport and environmental planning consultancy, which assists and represents public and private sector organisations. We specialise in planning and design projects based on practical and institutional issues that need to be addressed in order to successfully deliver social, cultural and economic benefits.

We have extensive experience of urban regeneration, public realm planning, design and development projects both in this country and internationally. We achieve successful urban regeneration based on focused, co-ordinated, realistic and achievable strategies, business plans and programmes for implementation.

Burns + Nice develop community engagement programmes, in particular listening to and understanding the complex and often competing needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

We have prepared a number of public realm studies which have considered the integration with area master / action plans, development plans, urban design and public realm strategies, streetscape and open space designs and transport infrastructure. Many have been in high profile and complex areas with high pedestrian flows, major public transport interchanges and complex highway systems with integrated facilities for cycling and walking networks. We have also produced lighting and street furniture strategies with project specific product designs based on whole life cost and ease of maintenance and have collaborated with a number of artists to include co-ordinated public art works in many of our projects.

Burns + Nice have particular experience of the planning, design and implementation of public realm and development projects which have provided major environmental enhancements. Scheme designs have created new or re-interpreted public realm, reduced road space, provided improved walking and cycling facilities, promoted integrated and accessible public transport and a sustainable design approach including green walls, green roofs, SUDS, ecological corridors, open space provision, low energy lighting and the re-use of construction materials.

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70 Cowcross Street
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Marie Burns
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