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Baca and Waterstudio hold the belief that cities which today start to embrace water and take advantage of the benefits of water, will be cities that will perform better economically, socially and politically in the next 20 to 30 years and beyond. ‘Aquatecture’ is a water-centric design approach in which flood risk, its effective management, development pressure and adaption to climate change are simultaneously adopted and reconciled, to allow buildings and cities to live, work and develop better alongside water.

This approach can help cities to unlock strategic urban areas, waterside sites and docklands that would otherwise struggle to be developed. For landlocked bodies of water we are designing and building the UK’s first floating homes, hotels and leisure facilities. For waterfronts we are crafting places for living and commerce, combining both the visionary and the practical, to create solutions underpinned by robust economic delivery strategies.

Our philosophies go in tandem with our publications, industry guidance and policy development. We balance pragmatism, a sense of playfulness and an appreciation of both beauty and heritage, to create future-proofed cities which embrace life, vitality and enjoyment.


Growing cities face many challenges: longer commutes, higher rents, fewer opportunities, but technology and the way we use data can inform city design and its ability to adapt to new conditions.

Baca + Waterstudio are contributing to some of the world’s first Smart Cities designs both at home and aboard – creating a new typology of environments to accelerate urban innovation, competitiveness and to improve quality of life for their inhabitants.


We develop traditional and flood resilient plans for sites of 50 to 200,000 homes. We have developed planning guidance and built the first generation of amphibious, elevated, flood resilient and floating homes for clients in the UK, Holland and the USA.

Recently we have secured full planning for 100 floating leisure homes at Tyram Lake, Doncaster and a full flood resilient mass housing development with integrated SUDS to rejuvenate a brown- field site in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon.


We believe close engagement with stakeholders, local residents and end users can create better designs that can help to build momentum for schemes from the beginning. We have evolved a clear methodology that involves engagement with all key stakeholders from the outset to develop design solutions that integrally embrace and resolve all of their concerns. Our flexible approach, hand drawing skills and a personable team ensures our high planning success rate.


Projects of note in the UK include a waterscape plan to unlock the potential of Liverpool’s South Docks (a UNESCO World Heritage site), supplementary planning guidance on sustainability for the London Borough of Hackbridge, a 4 star hotel and spa with 100 floating lodges at an old gravel pit in Doncaster, planning for 670 units on a brownfield flood-risk site in Norwich, and we are currently developing Dover Waterfront, which will include a new marina and a cable car linking the castle to the waterfront.

Overseas, we are working on a new Metro line and stations in the Netherlands, plus land reclamation for new towns, floating communities in China and a series of wind farms in the Middle East.

Dover Waterfront regeneration
Naaldwijk, 1200 houses
Flood resilient houses and gardens, Stratford upon Avon.
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