We live in a rapidly urbanising world. Our towns and cities are facing unprecedented issues from resource scarcity and security, rising sea levels, and increased frequency of flooding and natural disasters, as well as a growing and aging population. In recent years we have seen a shift towards the principles of carbon-critical design and smart cities, with the increasing integration and use of technology as a tool for addressing some of these global issues.

At Atkins we have been at the forefront of this movement, but we believe these technologies must go hand-in-hand with traditional principles of contextual design at a human scale. Working to deliver world-class urban design within this environment is a challenge which we are used to successfully addressing through our interdisciplinary and collaborative design approach.

From large scale master plans to detailed public realm designs, we are striving to improve our urban environments in a sustainable way. We are committed to delivering new build solutions as well as retrofitting our existing urban environments, and are involved in promoting best practice. We work for developers, investors and landowners; local, regional and national government; and, other public sector bodies. In offices throughout the UK and around the world, we provide a first class local service as well as international expertise.

Our specialist interdisciplinary masterplanning teams are assembled from a wide range of Atkins’ disciplines and bring together all of the skills required to deliver responsive master plans that address the challenges of today’s world. Working collaboratively with clients, academics and communities we seek robust solutions that are designed around people and the environment, able to both deliver the brief and delight in equal measure.

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Paul Reynolds
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