Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will find the answer that you are looking for below, but if not, please feel free to contact us.

Account Questions

Step 1 - Join the Urban Design Group

Follow this link for more information.

Step 2 - Register for the Urban Design Directory

If you are not already featured on the online Urban Design Directory, it is possible to add a listing for your practice, course or professional service. The cost depends on your Urban Design Group membership. If you would like to join the online Urban Design Directory, or would like to find out the costs associated with listing a supporting service, please contact us.

UDG Practice Members

New or enhanced profile with up to 4 projects: £150 (one-off fee) plus annual UDG Practice Membership fee.

University Courses

There is no charge for an online listing, as this is included within the annual UDG Education Membership fee. 

When your account was first created, you should have been automatically emailed a username and password that would allow you to access your listings.

If you have misplaced that email, or never received it, please click here to request that it be resent.

Username and password reminders may only be sent to the email address we have associated with your account. If that email account no longer exists or you are unable to receive the reminder email for any other reason, please contact us.

Ensure that you are logged in to your user profile.

Once logged in, click on the 'Edit' tab at the top of your profile page.

On that page you may change your username, password and registered email address. You will need to enter you existing password in order to make changes to your existing email address or password.

The costs associated with being listed in the Urban Design Directory can be found below. Please note that these costs are for Urban Design Practices and Courses only. If you offer supporting professional services, please contact us for a quote.

  • 1/5 Page in printed directory, online profile with 0 projects: £150 (any UDG membership type) 
  • 1/2 Page in printed directory, online profile with up to 2 projects: £375 (any UDG membership type) 
  • 1 Page in printed directory, online profile with up to 4 projects: £750 (UDG Practice Members only) 
  • Double page in printed directory, online profile with up to 4 projects: £950 (UDG Practice Members only) 
  • Education/ Courses 2 page spread in printed directory, online profile: £100 (UDG Education Members only) 

Adding/Editing Content

Projects may only be added by Practices (not Universities or Supporting Services). The number of projects that a practice may add depends on their Urban Design Directory subscription level.

If you have a full or double page spread in the printed Directory, you may upload details of up to four separate projects to the online Directory.

If you have a half page spread in the printed Directory, you may upload details of up to two separate projects to the online Directory.

If you have a 1/5th page spread in the printed Directory, you are not able to add any projects to the online Directory.

If you would like the ability to add more projects to the online Directory, please contact us.

Make sure that you are logged in to your 'Practice' user account. You can click here to login.

If you are entitled to add a new project, then an "Add Project" link should appear beneath the list of "Your Projects" on your profile page. You will need to be logged in in order to view your profile page.

If you have already created the maximum number of projects for your subscription level, then the "Add Project" link may not be visible. In this case, you will need to delete one of your existing projects before you are able to add a new one.

Listing Projects on Practice Profiles

Once you have saved your new project, go back to your profile page or visit your practice listing. Click on the 'Edit' link and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a field called "Selected Projects". In an empty space, start typing the name of the new project you would like to associate with your practice. Click on the correct project when it appears in the list of available options.

You may re-order the projects as they appear on your profile page by dragging the appropriate rows into position.

Once you save your practice page, the new project information should be visible.

Make sure that you are logged in to your user account. You can click here to login.

On your user profile page, you should see a list of your pages and projects (if you are entitled to add projects). To the right of each of your pages is an 'Edit' link. Click on the 'Edit' link to make changes to that particular page.

Once you have finished making your changes, click on the 'Save' button to save the changes.

Please ensure that the image you are trying to upload is less than 5mb in size (if possible, somewhere between 300kb and 1mb), and with dimensions below 2000x2000 pixels.

The image must also be of a standard format: .jpg .png .gif .bmp

If you attempt to upload a file that does comply with the above restrictions, you may be presented with an error page. If this happens, please click refresh and try again with a smaller image.

In some cases, practices had not provided separate project information in advance of the launch of the online Urban Design Directory. In these cases, we uploaded some images provided by the practices but without full project information.

Once those practices have uploaded full project information and associated them with their practice profiles, we will remove the placeholder practice images.

If this applies to you and you have further questions, please contact us.

Automatically, the text shown in this box is a trimmed version (600 characters) of the text you enter in the 'Profile' field of your Practice or Recognised Practitioner page. If you would like to modify the text shown here, you can click the 'Edit Summary' link immediately above the 'Profile' field and either copy and paste or type the wording you would like to use.

If you choose to use the 'Summary' field, please try not to exceed the 600 character limit. Text that is deemed too long may be trimmed automatically, or by the webmaster.

The Urban Design Group

Please click here and find out about the benefits of taking out an annual membership.

Membership costs are as follows:

Individual (UK and International): £55
UK Student/Concession: £35
Recognised Practitioner in Urban Design: £85
Small Practice (<5 professional staff): £275
Large Practice (>5 professional staff): £495
Education: £250
Local Authority: £100
UK Library: £90
International Library: £110

Please note that Urban Design Group membership does not entitle a member to a listing in the Urban Design Directory. Please contact us to find out the costs associated with being listed on this website and/or in the printed Directory.

Working together to make life better in our cities, towns and villages

The Urban Design Group (UDG) is a membership charity open to all who care about the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages and believe that raising standards of urban design is central to its improvement. The UDG believes that good urban design depends upon successful collaboration between all those who shape the built environment, whatever their professional or personal background. 

The Group is established for the public benefit for the following purposes:

  • To promote high standards of performance and inter-professional co-operation in planning, urban design and architecture, landscape design and all other aspects of the built environment.
  • To educate the relevant professions and the public in matters relating to Urban Design 

Since our foundation in 1978, we have played a major role increasing the understanding and awareness of urban design. There have been some major successes and a transformation in the quality of existing and new development.

However a great deal of development is still badly designed. More than three quarters of all planning applications in the UK are prepared by someone with no design training. Much development is designed or planned by people with little idea of how to work in an urban context. Our mission is to raise standards of education and awareness of urban design across societies both in the UK and internationally.

The Urban Design Group is committed to:

  • Improving the quality of life for people who live and work in cities, towns and villages
  • Providing high quality information on best practice in urban design through: a quarterly journal Urban Design, a free electronic news service Urban Update; free on-line lectures, running events and workshops, and an annual non-profitmaking conference.
  • Providing a focus for the dissemination of research to practitioners in order to increase impact; and for relaying research needs to academia.
  • Improving the professional standards in urban design and urban designers.
  • Supporting decision makers in making long term decisions about the quality of the towns and cities for which they are responsible. 
  • Promoting collaboration within the urban design process and between the professions.
  • Raising standards in urban design practice.
  • Developing a network of urban designers both nationally and internationally.

We work to support urban designers and foster an increased appreciation of the value of quality in the public realm through our events programme, newsletter and our acclaimed journal Urban Design - widely acknowledged as the leader in its field.

The UDG believes that urban design is not the job of any single profession so we welcome members from a broad range of backgrounds who share our principles. 

In 2009 the UDG launched a new initiative, Recognised Practitioner in Urban Design, demonstarting its commitment to the best of urban design skills. This new category of membership gives professionals working in urban design the opportunity to attain greater recognition for their skills and experience as well as a stronger sense of common purpose and identity.